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Due to market demands Algrafika is specialized in the trade of discounted paper and cardboard. We create added value for buyers by transparent, long-term agreements and simplification of your non-prime sales. We work with many different grades of stock lot paper and board on a daily basis sourced from various paper mill partners.

We often partner with end users who utilize the paper in many different and very creative ways. This means that we operate in non-competing, previously unsought market segments and we can offer a win-win situation to both the supplier and the client.

Our warehouse in Tirana, Albania

Paper mills offer stock lot paper and board for many reasons including overproduction, production defects and cancelled orders.

Stock lots work well for certain markets and industries where the paper and board is used for an alternative and often innovative use.


Newsprint comes in virgin and recycled qualities, starting at 40gsm and increasing to 55gsm. Under the Newsprint umbrella we also work with improved, high bright and bulky qualities. We work with worldwide newsprint suppliers.

Wood free coated paper (WFC/C2S/Art paper)

Wood-free coated paper, also called C2S and art paper, is a coated two side graphical grade, available in paper and board. The paper can have a glossy, silk or matte coating in various brightness levels from global manufacturers that we work with exclusivity. The paper is used for high end promotional materials including magazines, calendars and stationary items and can be used in both rotogravure and offset machines.

Wood free uncoated (WFU/Offset) and A4 copier paper

Wood free uncoated paper and A4 copier paper are very common papers in offices across the world. We work exclusively with major wood free uncoated paper mills on a global scale across the whole wood free uncoated spectrum. The grade we supply begins from 50gsm up to 400 gsm.

Cream Bulky Paper

Mainly for the production of books and its content, usually woody mass (90%) and cellulose (10%). Bulkiness (the ratio between the thickness and the weight of the paper) from 1.6 – 2.2mm.  We supply paper produced from Norwegian and Finnish mills in cream color.

Super calendared and lightweight coated paper (SC and LWC)

SC and LWC, a fast moving product for us are typically used for cost effective promotional items including flyers, coupons and magazines. SC paper is a low gsm paper from around 40 – 65gsm with 65% brightness as standard. SC is created by ‘calendaring’ the paper – where paper is smoothed by being pressed between cylinders or rollers. This is the final process on the paper machine before the paper is cut to size. It creates a shiny, buffed look on the thin paper.

LWC paper is superior paper to SC as it features a light coating, gloss and brightness is higher. LWC can be printed on both offset and rotogravure machines with gsm increasing to as much as 90 from some manufacturers. Our SC and LWC suppliers are located across the world.

Coated one side paper (C1S)

One side coated paper is a graphical paper ranging from 50gsm to 400gsm. The paper can be used as a specialty thin paper for label printing, and in stationary and packaging in higher gsm. We work directly with specialist C1S mills across the world with prime capacity. This has been a major growth grade for us in 2016-2017 and we expect this to continue to increase.


Thermal paper is a versatile grade that is available from thin paper to board. The paper has various end uses including receipts and tickets; thermal paper’s coating reacts to heat that comes from scanning (of receipts, tickets) and running through a machine (like train tickets) to ensure that the paper can function properly. We have thermal paper mill partners across Europe and North America.

Carbonless Paper

Carbonless paper helps for copying without the use of carbon paper between two or more layers of paper. When pressure is applied, a chemical reaction between the layers is created, also known as ink transfer. Offered in reels and sheets:

  • CB available in white color
  • CFB available in white, pink, yellow, blue and green color
  • CF available in white, pink, yellow color.


Greaseproof paper, also known as parchment paper, is a specialty grade used in cooking, baking, and food packaging. The paper is typically low GSM (starting at around 25gsm and increasing to 100gsm) and has specialty features to ensure the paper can perform as expected. Greaseproof paper is exposed to very high temperatures and can often be in direct contact with high grease levels. We source greaseproof paper from mills across the world with varying kit levels and heat tolerances to ensure our customer have a range of option to suit their needs.


We offer a wide range of printable self-adhesive products available in reels and sheets, paper and films. Different finishes in Matt, Semi-Gloss, Uncoated and as well as different choices of adhesives.

Folding box board (FBB)

Folding Box Board has been one of our major growth areas in 2016-2017 as we further diversify into packaging papers and boards. We procure this material directly from Europe and North America for export to our target markets. We usually work with 180-400gsm board, in GC1/ GC2. The typical end use of FBB is for pharmaceutical boxes and middle range packaging. The paper can feature a light coating or can be uncoated, depending on the desired final look.

Duplex Board

GD2 (white-gray) is recycled cardboard. The board is triple coated on the top side and single coated on the back side, with good printing and converting characteristics and suitable for automated packaging lines.

Triplex Board

GT2 (white-white) is a high quality recycled cardboard. The board is triple coated on the top side and single coated on the back side, with good printing and converting characteristics and suitable for automated packaging lines.

Grey Board

Algrafika supplies high quality grey board with smooth surface starting from 1mm- 3mm.

Suitable for production of book covers, folders, notebooks, boxes, packaging with high strength, coasters, upholstery suites and more.

Samua Paper (Creamy Offset paper)

Samua paper is uncoated  book papers with creamy shade  that provides a pleasant level of reading comfort,  Great quality, printability and on-press performance. It can be used for children’s books, hardcover and softcover books and textbooks

Special Paper

These papers have specific characteristics such as being lightweight with high opacity, which puts them into a special grade in comparison to normal packaging papers. These papers play a significant role in packaging, printing, and industrial use. Food contact paper, décor paper, coffee and tea filter paper, and cigarette paper.

Bristol Board Paper

Bristol paper is used for printing documents, brochures, promotional materials and envelopes. It is often used for water color painting. It is also used for paperback book or catalog covers, file folders, tags, and tickets.

Bristol board is commonly used for technical drawing, illustration projects, comic book art, and other two-dimensional art forms. It provides two working surfaces, front and back. This quality separates it from illustration board, which has only a front working surface.

Label Paper

Labels may be used for any combination of identification, information, warning, instructions for use, environmental advice or advertising. They may be stickers, permanent or temporary labels or printed packaging.

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper covers a variety of products which are produced using a chemical conversion of wood into wood pulp and separating the lignin and cellulose fibres. The reduced lignin content and high sulphur ratio in the kraft paper production process ensures the papers high strength making it an ideal choice for the majority of packaging requirements. All kraft papers can be natural shade or bleached. Bleached paper has improved printability due to the smooth surface. Kraft paper can also be classified as MG or MF which refers to the finish of the paper in production; MF is machine finished and MG is machine glazed.

Kraft papers is used to create a vast variety of products including quick-serve carryout bags, grocery and shopping bags, multiwall shipping sacks, various industrial converting and packaging applications, protective packaging applications, other specialty kraft paper products.

Coated Kraft Back (CKB)

CKB is a fully coated multilayer Kraft back board. The top side is white and the reverse side is brown. Thanks to its exceptional stiffness and strength, is an ideal food packaging material for folding cartons in a wide variety of uses like dry, chilled and frozen food, chocolate, wine and spirits. CKB also makes great multipacks – the eye-catching pack is light and strong and is easy to carry, open and recycle.

SBS Board

It is a medium density board with good printing properties for graphical and packaging end uses and is perfectly white both inside and out. It can easily be cut, creased, hot foil stamped and embossed. Its other properties, such as being hygienic and pure with no smell and taste, make it usable for packaging aroma and flavour sensitive products such as chocolate, cigarettes and cosmetics.[2]

Baking Paper

Also it is known as bakery paper or parchment paper, it is grease proof paper that is used in baking and cooking as it provides a heat-resistant, non-stick surface to bake on.

Test Liner

Testliner is a recycled base liner board for container board. The products consist of three layers. It is used for the inner and outer layers (face paper) of carton boxes. Testliner paper can be used for the production of:

  • Food packaging
  • Packaging for consumer durables
  • Corrugated cardboard tray packaging

Kraft Liner

Kraftliner  is a two-ply product. The top ply consists of 100% unbleached softwood fibres and the base ply is made of a mixture of unbleached softwood fibres and high quality recycled fibres.and it is used in corrugated cardboard box and textile sector.


It is the middle liner of corrugated board, which can be supplied individually as a type of protective packaging. It provides protection by filling empty spaces in the outer case and providing a cushioning effect for the primary product. Fluted paper provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials such as bubble wrap and other plastic based solutions. Fluted paper is 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource

PE Coated Paper

PE coated paper is layered with polyethylene, providing a very strong moisture and grease barrier. This type of packaging paper is extremely durable, allowing it to be used for a wide range of applications. PE can be used for hot purposes as it won’t melt and affect your product. PE coated kraft paper is often used as:

  • Fast food wrapping
  • Tray liners
  • Placements

Metalized Paper and Board

A metallized paper and board is a product coated with a layer of aluminium with a matte or gloss finish which offers decorative and protective properties to the product.

Cup Stock Paper

The cupstock paper is coated with food grade Polyethylene (PE) and available in 2 types according to the usage of the end product; one-side coated CupStock Paper for hot food and both-side coated Cupstock Paper for Cold food. It can be used in various kind of food packaging; both hot and cold food, instant noodle cups, fast food container, etc.


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